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søndag den 26. februar 2012

Secret Öyster - Sea Son - 1974 (Den) Jazz Fusion

This is the second album by Secret Öyster.  Like in almost every band there has ever been Secret Öyster also went through some line-up changes, at this point, a new drummer and a new bass player had joined the group. The line-up for the album consisted of Karsten Vogel (alto and soprano saxophones & organ), Claus Böhling (acoustic & electric guitars), Kenneth Knudsen (piano & moog synthesizers), Jess Stæhr (ex-Day of Phoenix) (bass) and Ole Streenberg (drums). As the band's popularity grew, they eventually became a better band, which you can hear if you compare this record to their first album. The album also features a guest appearance by the nowadays well respected Danish jazz-trumpetist Palle Mikkelborg (his playing can be heard on the track "Paella").

The album is kicked off by a fresh and well working opener and quickly takes the listener right into the epic, almost romantic, second track in which you can really hear that the band has improved and has become a much tighter band. The third track resembles the first album very well, being an up-tempo jazz-rock song with lots of depth. Overall the band is still amazing, but even better than before. The saxophones are outstanding, the guitars are ace, the keyboards/pianos are genius and the bass and drums are tight. A really good second effort and the artwork is great too.

1. Öyster Jungle
2. Mind Movie
3. Pajamamafia
4. Black Mist
5. Pain Forest
6. Paella
Bonus tracks:
7. Sea Son
8. Alfresco (Part I)
9. Alfresco (Part II)

Bitrate: 256kbps

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