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lørdag den 18. februar 2012

Day of Phoenix - Wide Open N-Way - 1970 (Den) Progressive Rock

Before Cy Nicklin formed Culpeper's Orchard he was conquering the Danish progressive rock scene with Day of Phoenix. Day of Phoenix was formed in 1968 by Cy Nicklin (acoustic and electric guitars & vocals), Karsten Lyng Nielsen (guitar & vocals), Jess Stæhr (bass & vocals) and Henrik Friis Nielsen (drums). With this line-up the band was part of the act called "Andromeda Light Circus". They also recorded a song for the movie "Stine Og Drengene" composed by Nicklin. In 1969 Nicklin left the group and was replaced by Hans Lauridsen (vocals), Stæhr was replaced by Peter Friis Nielsen (bass & vocals) who was replaced by former Beefeaters member Erik Stedt Rasmussen (bass & vocals). Further line-up changes occured the following years, but I will not dig deeper into that right now, I will, however, tell the rest of the band's story when I write the next entry about the group. Here is a clip of the band playing live.

In 1970 Day of Phoenix released their debut called "Wide Open N-Way" which among other things included guest apperances by Kenneth Knudsen (Secret Öyster, Coronarias Dans) as well as Peter Friis Nielsen (Ex-Day of Phoenix, Coronarias Dans) on bass.The album was produced by the ex-Colloseum bassist Tony Reeves and reached a lot of succes both in Denmark and the rest of the world. The album is both dark, sweet, eerie, melodic, imaginative and creative all at once. If I should compare them to anyone I would say they sound like Beggar's Opera with a shortage of organ. Despite the fact that there is not a huge variety in used instruments on the album, it is still a great milestone in Danish progressive rock.

1. Wide Open N-Way
2. Cellophane #1 & 2
3. If You Ask Me
4. Mind Funeral
5. Tick-Tack

Bitrate: 256kbps

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