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torsdag den 16. februar 2012

The Old Man & The Sea - s/t - 1972 (Den) Progressive Rock

The Old Man & The Sea more commonly known as "Den Gamle Mand & Havet" in Denmark, was formed in 1968. During the six years until they split-up in 1974 they only released this one record in 1972, which was re-released in 1999, also a compilation was released in 2003 simply called "1972-1975". There is also a bootleg from 2001 called "Alternative & Unreleased 72-73" 
I was so fortunate that today, the 16th of February 2012, I accidentally bumped into someone who played with the band on the Roskilde Festival in '74 (I think) they played Roskilde in both '73 and '74. It was really cool to chat with him about 70's records and music.

Like all bands this band went through some changes in its personnel, but I am not going to dig into that. On the record the line-up was Ole Wedel Petersen (vocals), Benny Stanley (guitar), Tommy Hansen (Keyboards & backing vocals), Knud Lindhard (bass & backing vocals) and Lars "Bekse" Thygesen (drums). It is a great record containing lots of great guitar as well as organ work and some very strong songs. The only thing that could be better on the record is the vocals (and perhaps the rather boring artwork), the rest is absolutely great progressive in the vein of Tull and sometimes it even reminds you of Atomic Rooster. Concerning the vocals, it is not that Ole Wedel Petersen is a bad singer, but it's very easy to hear that English is not his primary language.
The record features heavy pieces with awesome guitar/organ solos as well as nice dreamy acoustic passages and of course there is some flute in there.

The Old Man & The Sea reunited with a slight change to the line-up during the 2000's. Ole Wedel and Benny Stanley are still with the band. Tommy Hansen used to be with the band during newer times too, but has been replaced.

1. Living Dead
2. Princess
3. Jingoism
4. Prelude
5. The Monk Song (Part 1)
6. The Monk Song (Part 2)
7. Going Blind

Bitrate: 256kbps

2 kommentarer:

  1. Tommy Hansen is not in the band anymore. Only Ole Wedel, John Lundvig and Benny Stanley from the original line-up is in the band nowadays. Knud Lindhard left the group shortly after a few gigs in 2003. New guys in the band are Dion Egtved and ib Siggismund on bass and organ.

  2. Thank you, updated info is always appreciated :)