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tirsdag den 8. november 2011

Young Flowers - No. 2 - 1969 (Den) Blues Psych

It didn't take long for Young Flowers to put out their second record after the release of their oustanding debut. Only one year later they were ready to put out their second effort. In that year they had written songs that were more psychedelic rather than bluesy. Their blues roots are still noticeable, but over all the ideas for the songs on this album are much more original.

This record contains some very great songs compared to their first album this one contains better riffs, more progressive elements and better song structures. It contains very song strongs like "Party Beat" which is kicked off by a very nice riff and "The Daybreak" which is a slow track with catchy trippy vocals and never the less the finisher "Kragerne Vender" an instrumental song which features guest musicians. If you liked their first album, this one will kick you off your chair. However if you did not like their first album, this one will kick you off the chair anyway! The personnel on this album is still the line-up from Blomsterpistolen featuring Peer Frost (guitar), Peter Ingemann (bass & vocals) and Ken Gudman (drums). Generally they used a lot of guest musicians on stage as well as in the studio some of them were Bent Hesselman (sax/flute), Niels Skousen (vocals), Lasse Lunderskov (guitar), Lars Bisgaard (vocals) and Peter Thorup (guitar & vocals).

Young Flowers also became the first Danish band to tour North America and Canada in '69.

1. You Upset Me Baby
2. And Who But I Should Be
3. Party Beat
4. Won't You Take My Place In The Queue
5. Slow Down Driver
6. The Daybreak
7. Kragerne Vender (the Crows Turn)

Bitrate: 256kbps

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