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fredag den 17. februar 2012

Culpeper's Orchard - s/t - 1971 (Den) Progressive Rock

Culpeper’s Orchard was formed in 1969 by Cy Nicklin (vocals, banjo, guitar & percussion), Nils Henriksen (guitar, piano, cembalo & backing vocals), Michael Friis (bass, flute, piano, organ & percussion) and Rodger Barker (drums & percussion). Before they released their first record. They made a name of themselves on stage. They represent a variety of music from psych rock to country. This record is called "First Plus Bonus" actually, because it has been remastered with bonus tracks. Here is some nice of footage of the band in concert.

When you first start listening to Culpeper’s Orchard self-titled debut from 1971. You might think you are about to engage in a Brit-folk inspired album with the soft opener “Banjocul”, but this is not what you are getting yourself into at all. Culpeper’s Orchard has much more to offer than just harmonized vocals, soft guitar patterns, folk instruments and nature-oriented lyrics. This shows when the second track “Mountain Music (Part 1)” blasts into your ears. It features two great guitar tracks, where one is heavily distorted and handling the leads and solos and the other is a slightly overdriven rhythm guitar.
  Then there is the Hammond organ that will utterly make you perish if you are not prepared for an early prog rock attack! A great rhythm section and a wonderful vocal with harmonies that could resemble Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young..  Throughout the album it constantly changes and varies what you are hearing, either they are rocking you away with heavy melodies and power beats or they are enchanting you with their folk-ish interludes. Don’t miss this album. It’s flawless in every way.

1. Banjocul
2. Mountain Music (Part 1)
3. Hey You People
4. Teaparty For An Orchard
5. Ode To Resistance
6. Your Song And Mine
7. Gideon's Trap
8. Blue Day's Morning
9. Mountain Music (Part 2)
Bonus Tracks
10. Steamhouse
11. Classified Ads*
12. Troldspejlet (the Magic Mirror)
*This song is often mispelled "Classified Adds"

Bitrate: 256kbps

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