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fredag den 17. februar 2012

Coronarias Dans - Visitor - 1975 (Den) Jazz Rock

I do not know very much about this record. Neither do I know much about the band. They were formed in 1970 and at this point the band consisted of Kenneth Knudsen (piano), Peter Friis Nielsen (bass) and Claus Böje (drums). I do not know from where in Denmark they were from and as far as I'm concerned this is their only released album (even though I have knowlegde of earlier recorded songs than the ones on this album). I do know who played on this record though. Coronarias Dans (Coronaria's Dance) featured Claus Böhling (guitar), Kenneth Knudsen (keyboards) and Ole Streenberg (drums) of Secret Öyster fame and Peter Friis Nielsen (bass & double bass). The record also features a guest apperance by Morten Grunnet (tambura) on the song "Morning".

The first thing that came to my mind when I first listened to this record was Return To Forever, only Coronarias Dans are white and from the very heart of Scandinavia, but despite this fact it doesn’t keep them from playing some great sort of rock-oriented jazz fusion. The album features almost ghostly/spacey passages and psyched out jams. Of course the guitar work is amazing guitarwork as you would expect from Claus Böhling. The keyboards are not bad either, not bad at all actually they are just as good as Böhling’s guitarwork. The basslines are pretty well written and the drums are wild. It’s like you are traveling through gardens of pink, purple, blue, green and red mushrooms and to foreign galaxies far from our own.  So get comfortable, lean back and journey beyond the stars with Coronarias Dans!

1. Se Det (Watch It)
2. Morning
3. Esrom
4. Don't Know
5. Visitor
6. Tied Waves
7. Sagittarius
8. Which Witch

Bitrate: 192kbps

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