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fredag den 17. februar 2012

Fujara - s/t - 1973 (Den) Progressive Rock

Fujara was formed in Køge in 1970. The band consisted of six members Ole Knudsen (vocals & guitar), Poul Chr. Nielsen (saxophone, trumpet, flute), Jørn Nørredal (trumpet, harmonica & trombone),  Jesper Christiansen (bass & vocals), Jan Andersen (guitar & vocals) John Olsen (drums). They were said to have humorous live perfomances, which you could imagine if you knew what they actually sing... Despite they are singing about erection and masturbation, they are still a hippy-band whose lyrics are deeply serious and often  deal with themes like society and socialism.

A thing that separates this group from other hippy groups from this period is the brass section, which is actually pretty good. The songs are a blend of hippy moaning, smooth brass arrangements and fuzzy guitar licks and a lot of wah. A quite odd mix, but it actually works. The songs aren't really that progressive, they are pretty much upbeat jams with not many changes to the rhythm, but I'd still consider this as prog, as I don't know what else to call it. The sound quality of this album is not that good, I could imagine it has never been re-released on a cd and therefore this is a dusty vinyl-rip.

1. Impo-Jensen*
2. Gør Dig Fri (Free Yourself)
3. Syvtoget (The 7 o'clock Train)
4. Pop Industrien (The Pop Industry)
5. Ventetid (Waiting Time)
6. Jesper
7. Fabrikanten (The Manufacturer)
8. Fyraften (Closing Time)
9. Majara

*Impo-Jensen is a pun on the Danish word "impotens" (impotence) and the Danish surname "Jensen". So the song is called "the Impotence" but instead of finishing the word "impotens" they've added the surname.

Bitrate: 256kbps

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