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fredag den 17. februar 2012

Hurdy Gurdy - s/t - 1972 (Den) Hard Rock

This power-trio was formed in 1967 when guitarist/vocalist Claus Böhling (Secret Öyster, Coronarias Dans), drummer Jens Otzen and the English bassist Mac MacLeod split from their former band Peter Belli & The B.B. Brothers (fronted by the legendary Danish beat rocker Peter Belli). They apparently desired to play harder and more psych-oriented music. As most power-trios this group played music influenced by Hendrix, Cream etc. Which becomes very clear when you listen to this album. They moved to England in 1968 after MacLeod had been deported. It's been reported that Donovan, a friend of MacLeod whom Mac had played with previously as a backing musician, wanted to produce a version of the band covering "Hurdy Gurdy Man," a Donovan composition. However, Donovan released his own hit version of the song, and Hurdy Gurdy did not issue anything while MacLeod was in the group, despite doing some recordings produced by Chris White and Rod Argent of the Zombies. Although two songs they recorded while they were in London eventually wound up on a MacLeod compilation released in 2003. MacLeod had to depart from the band and the band moved back to Denmark, where they recruited Torben Forne (bass), who recorded the bass parts for the album.

They went on to record this album, which sadly was their only release, which was released in 1972. The album is absolutely great with lots of Hendrix inspired guitarwork, a great rhythm section and great vocals which brings to mind Mountain, Grand Funk Railroad and of course Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The only downside is that the songs are pretty much alike, but if you can keep from thinking this sound just like that - it's absolutely great. Here is some ultra rare footage of the band on a Danish festival in 1971.

I've actually met Claus Böhling back in 2009 as well as Ole Streenberg (Coronarias Dans, Secret Öyster) and Karsten Vogel (Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Secret Öyster, Mermaid). I had a nice chat with him and the others after a Secret Öyster gig which took place in the village hall of the small village I live in, am I lucky? And I must say Claus Böhling is one of the best Danish guitarists I've seen. We spoke about playing guitar and who I liked and was inspired by, when I told him I was fond of Ritchie Blackmore, he revealed that he had never heard Ritchie Blackmore nor Deep Purple - which I found pretty amazing as he was around back then and I wasn't. It was a great show by the way and I got to take the promo-poster which I got signed by the band. Anyway, Hurdy Gurdy, here you go!

1. Ride On
2. The Giant
3. Tell Me Your Name
4. Peacefull Open Spaces
5. Babels Tower
6. Spaceman
7. Lost in the Jungle
8. You Can Go Backwards
Bonus Tracks
9. Chain Me Down
10. Year Zero Now
11. Improv 

Bitrate: 320kbps

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