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torsdag den 8. marts 2012

Secret Öyster - Vidunderlige Kælling - 1975 (Den) Jazz Fusion

"Vidunderlige Kælling" which translates into "Wonderful Bitch" in English was a Danish ballet, that was performed at Det ny Teater in 1975. It was a very popular thing for bands to write music for ballets in the 70's. Groups like Ache and The Savage Rose had already written music for ballets and at this time around it was Secret Öyster's turn. Vidunderlige Kælling thusly became Secret Öyster's third album. Vidunderlige Kælling is described as an erotic ballet by Jens August Schade. It had choreography by Flemming Flindt and was starred by Vivi Flindt (who is on the front cover of the album). As you may already have guessed, there were naked dancers (who were beautiful according to Karsten Vogel's website) and in one of the scenes one of the dancers had to be covered in some sort of toxic gold-dust organism, that was actually rather dangerous. (You can see a picture of this on the album's front cover above).

Again Secret Öyster marks their dominance on the thrown of Danish jazz-fusion of the 70's. It's an outstanding album with lots of beautiful music that varies between melancholic ethereal piano pieces as well as jazzy sax themes and outstanding guitar work. Oh my, they did it again. Yet another masterpiece from this marvelous group. On this record the line-up was Claus Böhling (acoustic & electric guitars, sitar), Karsten Vogel (saxophones, string synthesizer), Kenneth Knudsen (keyboards, piano, moog, string synthesizer) , Jess Stæhr (bass) and Ole Streenberg (drums, percussion, harmonica).

1. Intro
2. Stjernerne På Gaden (the Stars on the Street)
3. Sirenerne (the Sirens)
4. Astarte
5. Solitude
6. Tango-Bourgoisie
7. Bellevue
8. Valse Du Soir
9. Outro
Bonus tracks
10. Sleep Music
11. Circus Sax
12. Intro To Act II

Bitrate: 256kbps

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