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lørdag den 10. marts 2012

Feo - Eg Meini Ted - 1971 (Den) Progressive Folk

If someone told you today, that there was band consisting of only blind or visually impaired members, you probably would not believe them, but in the 1970's everyone had a voice. Blind or deaf, it did not make any difference. Somewhere in between Steppeulvene and Skousen & Ingemann lived a progressive folk band called Feo. In Feo the members were either blind or visually impaired. They released two studio albums and a compilation through the 1970's. The band was formed by Rudi Albersten (vocals), Søren Durhuus (guitar), Thorkild Blond Andersen (flute), Mikkel Bayer (violin) and Flemming Nørgaard (bass).

This is their debut record. It's a very great and interesting record to listen. If you know Danish it contains both funny moments as well as scary moments, but if you do not know Danish the record might scare you. Despite the lack of female vocals, this record reminiscent of Comus. The instruments sounds very good and the melodies are great. Generally a very good and interesting record. Listen to this with the lights on.

1. Eg Meini Ted
2. Bjergfyr (Mountain Pine)
3. April*
4. Maj*
5. Juni*
6. Rundgang (Turnaround/Progression)
7. Drømmen (the Dream)
8. Bedstemor (Grandma)
9. Os (Us)
10. Mosen (the Bog)
11. Sisdyrdans (Sis-animal Dance)
12. Undren (Wonder)
13. Eg Meini Ted II
*The three months April, May and June in Danish.

Bitrate: 192kbps

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