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lørdag den 10. marts 2012

Blast Furnace - s/t - 1971 (Den) Heavy Progressive

Blast Furnace was a Danish heavy progressive rock band from Copenhagen, which was brought to life when Arne Würgler (bass, cello, vocals) departed from the heavy psych group Pan around '70/'71. He met up with Niels Vangkilde (guitar) and Thor Backhausen (organ, piano, flute). The three lads met up with a Scot called Tom McEwan (drums, vocals) and Blast Furnace saw the light of day. This is the only album by the band, unfortunately. Tom McEwan has appeared in a lot of Danish movies and was a part of the Monty Python-esque Danish comedy trio "Klyderne".

This record is one of the finest heavy progressive records there is. It has all the elements you would expect a heavy progressive album to have; great instrumental parts, smooth and groovy basslines, nice flute melodies, driving organs, catchy guitar/organ riffs and great solos, nice acoustic mellow pieces including piano and acoustic guitar, but instead of the long instrumental songs that almost every prog band at this time had, they had only progressive hard rock songs that did not span for more than seven minutes. They did not need to play long songs to show their talent. Every single stick hitting the drumkit and every note stroke is of pure talent. The vocals are descent though, great at some points, but if this band had had a singer like Robert Plant or Ian Gillan they could have gone far. I It would be a huge insult to the band to play this record on a low volume level.

1. First And Last
2. Ginger Cake
3. Jaywalker
4. B-Major Blast
5. This Time of the Year
6. Toytown
7. Man Bites Dog
8. Long Distance
9. Goodbye Mr. Bobo
10. Dr. Night
11. Bye Bye Bobo
Bonus track:
12. Lister Du Omkring Hjørner* (If You Creep Around Corners)
*This could also mean "Do You Creep Around Corners?", but it is not really indicated which one is the correct, but since the song's title is not ended by a questionmark, it is supposed that the translation in the parantheses is correct.

Bitrate: 256kpbs

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