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torsdag den 8. marts 2012

Secret Öyster - Straight To the Krankenhaus - 1977 (Den) Jazz Fusion

Straight To the Krankenhaus is the fourth and last studio album released by Secret Öyster. They now stood "on top of the world" and decided to split-up after this album. They stopped while they were still going strong. The reason they chose the title Straight To the Krankenhaus for their last album was because everytime they played in Germany the first thing they would encounter in any city was a huge sign giving directions to how to get to the "Krankenhaus" (Hospital).

This is by far the band's best record. It features the up-tempo jazzy songs and the more melodic and melancholic pieces. They are still experimenting and taking their band to new heights even on this, their last album. There is actually no need for any words here. The record says it all. It does not need to be reviewed nor recommended, it is just great. Very, very great. The line-up is the same as on Vidunderlige Kælling and by far the best line-up the band has had.

1. Lindance
2. Straight To the Krankenhaus
3. My Second Hand Rose
4. High Luminant Silver Patters
5. Delveaux
6. Stalled Angel
7. Rubber Star
8. Traffic & Elephants
9. Leda & the Dog
Bonus tracks:
10. Alfred
11. Glasprinsen (the Glass Prince)

Bitrate: 320kbps

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