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lørdag den 10. marts 2012

Days - s/t - 1970 (Den) Rock

Days was a Danish band who released several albums throughout the 1970's. The group was formed in Copenhagen in 1967. Their self-titled debut was released on Spectator Records (and was the only one of their albums to be released on this label). Later they were signed by Sonet. The band was formed by John Kjærgaard (vocals, rhythm guitar), Lars Reinau (vocals, lead guitar), Ole Fester (vocals, bass), Jørn Anker (organ) and Peter Lindhe (drums). John Kjærgaard quit the band before the release of their first album. They went through many line-up changes in through the years.

The album is a great post-psych rock album inspired mainly by groups like The Beatles and Procul Harum. It features mostly organ-driven songs with a great use of the hammond organ, it is not impressive, it is not bad either, but it is there and sounds good and acts as the main element of the record. It also features a more mellow acoustic song and some bluesy inspired compositions with slightly overdriven guitar. Overall it is a moody, peaceful and simple record. It is one of the most expensive records today from Spectator Records. I know a copy of the original LP was recently sold for 1900DKK (213£).

1. Preambulum
2. Discovery In Blues
3. Believe Me
4. Feel the Joy
5. What Can I Do
6. The Lonely Shepherd Boy
7. Globe Without A Soul

Bitrate: 241kbps

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