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lørdag den 10. marts 2012

Hair - Piece - 1970 (Den) Heavy Psych

Another band formed in Copenhagen was Hair. A heavy psych quartet consting of Paddy Gythfeldt (organ, piano, guitar & lead vocals), Benny Dyhr (lead guitar & vocals), Allan Sørensen (bass & vocals) and Peter Valentin Rolnes (drums, percussion & vocals) formed in 1969 and disbanded in 1971. This the only record they released, it has been known to be sold for more than 3000DKK (337£) on auctions on the internet.

This is a great record. Hair sounds like they were the bastard child of a triangular-drama between the Doors, Blue Cheer and Mountain. It is filled to the brim with strong heavy songs, with lots of organ, fuzzed out guitars, great vocals and a behemoth of a rhythm section. It would have been nice to have heard more music from this marvelous band.

1. Coming Through
2. Supermouth
3. Dream Song
4. Everything's Under Control
5. Pleasant Street
6. Piece (of My Heart)

Bitrate: 320kbps

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