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onsdag den 10. oktober 2012

Sume - Sumut - 1973 (Grl) Progressive Rock

From one of the farthest corners of the Kingdom of Denmark, namely Greenland, comes a band called Sume. Sume was formed in Sorø (a town located on Zealand in Denmark) in 1972 centered around Malik Høegh. The group was inspired by American rock bands, but sung in Greenlandish. The band was very critical about being a part of Denmark and uttered this through their lyrics. The group disbanded in 1977 and all of its members moved back to Greenland. The band is still occasionally active today and has been the pillars of Greenlandish rock since their formation. They released several records through their short lifetime as a band, this is their debut released on the Danish label "Demos". The record sold very well in Greenland, so well that a fifth of Greenland's citizens bought a copy! The line-up on the album was Malik Høegh (vocals & 12-string guitar), Per Berthelsen (vocals, electric & acoustic guitar), Erik Hammeken (bass) and Hans Fleischer (drums), with guest performances by Ole Høst (alto-sax), Anders Peter Novman (guitar), Henrik Anthony (bass on Forår and Kravle Ind I Mit Indre), Thor Backhausen (organ & flute), Kaj D. Holm (violin) and Jørgen Lang (harmonica).

Imagine a softer version of Midnight Sun that is only the occult themes and lyrics away from sounding like Black Widow, well, that is pretty much what Sume did sound like on this album. Even though labeled progressive the songs tend to be pretty straight forward although with variation and progression reflected by the use of different instruments to emphasize the songs. The band really shows some enthusiasm concerning what they do on this record thus making it a great effort and a great debut. The album is simple, nevertheless effective, making this record really enjoyable for the listener.

1. Piffiit Nutaat - Nye Tider (New Times)
2. Upernaaq - Forår (Spring)
3. Pilerineq/Tikinneq - Forventning/Ankomst (Expectation/Arrival)
4. Tamorasaariat - Den Første Bid Af Sælen (The First Bite of the Seal)
5. Illunut Pulallunga - Kravle Ind I Mit Indre (Crawl Into My Center)
6. Eqqissineq Sapiinnarama - Uro (Unrest)
7. Eqqasuuteqarneq - Bekymring (Worry)
8. Heimaey Eqqaallugu - Ode Til Heimaey (Ode To Heimaey)
9. Imigassaq - Ildvand (Firewater)
10. Ukiaq - Efterår (Autumn)
11. Nalunaarasuartaat Toquvoq - Telegrafen Er Død (the Telegraph Is Dead)*
*This could also mean "the Telegrapher Is Dead", but since it is not indicated what it means in Danish as "Telegrafen" means both "the Telegraph" and "the Telegrapher" it is hard to decide on how to translate it into English.

Bitrate: 320kbps

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