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tirsdag den 13. november 2012

Coma - Financial Tycoon - 1977 (Den) Progressive/Jazz Rock/Experimental

Now this is a rarity. This album by Coma has not yet been re-released on cd by anyone and little info is known about the band, though a lot of info about its personnel is available. This band originated in Copenhagen in between 1973 and 1977 and consisted of Viggo Bertelsen (guitar), Flemming Friberg (guitar),  Jakob Mygind (alt, tenor and soprano sax), Leif "Guru" Christensen (bass), Klaus Thrane (drums & alternate piano). They released three albums in their career, this one being their debut released through Danish record label "Genlyd" fecthing up to 200€ on auctions. The band was heavily influenced by country-mates Dr. Dopo Jam and Troldmandens Lærling. Klaus Thrane is today most known as being the drummer for Danish folk-rock artist Lars Lilholt.

Not only heavily influenced by their country-mates alone, on the album there are three huge influences that you can't help but noticing. These influences are Frank Zappa, King Crimson and Gentle Giant. Vocally they are trying to make somewhat of a reflection to Frank Zappa's vocals. Steady as Gentle Giant the songs on this album melt into one long tribute to Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, yes that Miles Davis, King Crimson and Gentle Giant. With great melodies reminiscent of the aforementioned artists, lots of passion and an amazing experimental vibe that brings to mind everything from heavy progressive and hard rock bands like Black Sabbath and Atomic Rooster to to experimental nuts like Zappa and Davis to jazz-fusion groups such as Return To Forever and Secret Öyster. A very talented group passionate about what they do and just as much in control over what they do. Overall the album is very nice produced too. The album never gets boring and keeps the listener intrigued from the beginning to the end. The only question is, why the f is this not bigger than Lars Lilholt? 'Cause it sure is better than that. Guest performers on the album include Ernst Thomsen (violin), Skak Snitker (trumpet) and Bent Klausen (vibraphone). An outstanding album with nice artwork. Just to quote the band, if you can not see how incredible this is, "maybe that's the reason why you are low and I am high".

1. Up From The Sump...
2. Financial Tycoon 1
3. Peer Gynt
4. One Of Them Crazy Gurues In Love
5. Fulton
6. Financial Tycoon 2
7. A Hard Banana
8.  Frank Fedling*
9. ... Down From The Trees
10. Tumbling Shadows
*Funny fact, in Danish this means Frank Fatso.

Bitrate 320kbps:

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  1. matter of fact it originated in Frederikshavn and Skagen. Tusind tak for a great blog