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mandag den 19. september 2011

Parkering Forbudt - s/t - 1979 (Den) Rock/Blues Rock

Parkering Forbudt (Parking Forbidden) was a Danish rock band formed in 1978. The band consisted of Fox Nilfisk (guitar & vocals), Don Martin (guitar & vocals), Drezz (bass & vocals) and Grev Lynhe (drums). What is so special about this band is that all the members were kids when they recorded it. In Denmark in the late 70's and early 80's a wave of children started playing rock as a rebellion against the conservative society that they lived in. Parkering Forbudt were the leading band of this era. Their lyrics deal with subjects like drugs, politics and love. The album contains some strong bluesy songs with good (although childish) vocals, killer guitar solos and a good rhythm section. This band expressed their opinions and stepped forth for what they believed. If you are sceptical that children can play music - this record is for you.
They released a few more albums during the 80's with some changes in the line-up, but if you ask me this is their best piece of work.
Grev Lynhe would later appear as the drummer for Stig Møller Trio. Stig Møller was the guitarist in the Danish psych band Steppeulvene.

1. Baggårdssang (Backalleysong)
2. Ikke Alene (Not Alone)
3. Åbent Brev Til Dronningen (Open Letter to the Queen)
4. Sang Om Stoffer (Song About Drugs)
5. Farlig Leg (Dangerous Game)
6. Hej Du Der Voksen (Hey You There Grown-up)
7. Jeg En Maskine (I, A Machine)
8. Venter På En Ven (Waitin' For A Friend)
9. Voxen (Grown-up)*
*This is actually a Lou Reed cover, but with alternate lyrics by Parkering Forbudt.

Bitrate: 128kbps

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