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torsdag den 22. september 2011

Alrune Rod - Alrunes Rod - 1969 (Den) Heavy Psych

Formed in 1968 Alrune Rod (Mandrake Root) played long trippy psych/acid rock songs as well as more mellow acoustic pieces. The band was formed by Leif Roden (bass, guitar, vocals, compositions & lyrics), Flemming Giese Rasmussen (guitar, vocals), Kurt "Pastor" Ziegler Simonsen (organ) and Claus From (drums). They faced several changes concerning the line-up during the early 70's with Leif Roden as the only constant member of the band. The band released several albums during the the early 70's (including a few live records) as well as a single in the late 60's. Most of their songs were in Danish and only one album with English lyrics was ever released. Almost all their stuff has been reissued and re-released later. Live they would often expand their songs to last for sometimes almost half an hour. Here is some footage of Alrune Rod in the studio with Danish narration. The album was produced by Franz Beckerlee of Gasolin'.

This album contains some strong songs with heavy riffing and atmospheric music and starbound vocals. Imagine Pink Floyd's psychedelic early years, but heavier and even more psychedelic, more melancholic and more trippy, that is pretty much what this record has to offer, don't hesitate to listen to this one. Overall it is one of the finest records to ever be released by a Danish band.
Unfortunately Leif Roden past away in 2010 (which really annoys me, because I never managed to attend one of the band's gigs). May he forever rest in peace.
"Jeg står og græder i mit hi
Jeg fryser og er kold som et lig
Hiv mig op i dagens lys"
1. Alrune Rod (Mandrake Root)
2. Natskyggevej ("Nightshadow"-avenue)
3. Hvor Skal Jeg Se Solen Stå Op (Where Should I See The Sun Rise)
4. Bjergsangen (The Mountain Song)
5. Rejsen Hjem (The Journey Home)

Bitrate: 256kbps

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