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lørdag den 25. maj 2013

Cinderella - Udkoksning I Tre Satser - 2006 (Den) Blues Psych

Wrongfully categorized into progressive rock by the Disney like font on the front cover of this album is Cinderella, a Danish power trio playing psychedelic inspired blues rock. The band consisted of Henning Kragh Pedersen (guitar & vocals), Søren Hillingsøe (bass & vocals) and Allan Vokstrup (drums). Cinderella never actually released any albums in the 1970's, the band were scheduled to  be released in 1972 through Spectator Records, however this was just after Spectator Records burnt down and thus they only got to release a single 7" entitled "Kong Galars Sang" with b-side "Udkoksning I Tre Satser" in the 70's, but in 1990 the album that had been scheduled originally for 1972 was released, and in 2006, this compilation was released. All the recordings on this compilation is material recorded by the band between 1970-1972. Little known information about the group and its members' origins, it is as mystical as it is rare.

Comparable to acts such as Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Blue Cheer and Young Flowers as well as label-mates Terje, Jesper & Joachim and Blues Addicts. Cinderella grasps the listener and takes him or her  on a journey through smoke-filled psychedelic hippy anthems with lyrics about pollution, drugs and sex, while also taking their time jamming blues classics like Parchman Farm, Red House etc. and filling their self composed material with lots of overdriven guitar improvisation and blues jams. This record doesn't really hold many elements of surprise as it seems you have heard it all before especially a song like "Sexbombe" sounds very close to Young Flowers' "25 Øre" and lots of the aforementioned hippy anthems contain vocals comparable to those of typical Danish hippy groups such as Fujara or De Fortabte Spillemænd. That being said this record is not bad at all, because even though the music might seem recognizable, the musicians playing it, deliver it with such passion and soul that one can not keep from rocking with his or her foot. Especially the inclusion of the live version of the group's "Break Song" with a blues jam (with vocals in Danish) shows the band's good musicianship, so don't miss out on this one.

1. Carlt
2. Sexbombe (Sexbomb)
3. Udkoksning I Tre Satser (Haywiring In Three Movements)
4. Break Song*
5. Parchman Farm
6. Kong Galars Sang** (King Galar's Song)
7. Fire
8. Mr. Wild
9. Ana-T-Nas***
10. Forurening (Pollution)
11. Break Song Live
12. Mr. Fantasy****
13. Stormen (the Storm)****
14. Long Tall Sally****
*This includes a cover of Red House (The Jimi Hendrix Experience).
**Galar is slang for marihuana in Danish.
***A play on words on the Danish word "ananas"(pineapple)
****These three songs are also live recordings

Bitrate: 320kpbs

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej,
    Jeg har denne: importeret til computeren fra vinyl.
    Er du interesseret i den? Det er ikke syre - eller bluesrock, men dansk sproget, socialistisk, protestfolk fra 1975.

    Fedt projekt du har gang i! Der er mange glemte perler i blandt.

    1. Hej. Undskyld, at jeg har været så længe om, at vende tilbage, men ja, jeg vil meget gerne have den, hvis dit tilbud står endnu.

    2. Verdens langsommeste samtale, vi har kørende her. Men ja, Tilbuddet står stadig ved magt.
      Hvis "Musikpatruljen" en dag skulle blive lagt op, ville det være helt fantastisk :).